Dominion Derby Girls Confidentiality Addendum

Acceptance as a member to DDG is exclusive in that we do not permit any member (skater, ref, NSO, or off-skates member) to straddle membership, training assisting with, or sharing of “trade secrets” with a competing organization.  This includes: Other WFTDA leagues, Non-WFTDA leagues, OSDA Organizations, and Recreation organizations. While we cannot limit your patronage at any retail shop, the rules of mentioning anything private to our organization (i.e., business, operations, business infrastructure, league finances, membership, requirements, training program details, gear requirements, skater status, and membership status) is strictly prohibited for discussion or mention between LEAGUE MEMBERS and NON-LEAGUE MEMBERS, and while in said environments, confidentiality is to be strictly exercised.  Failure to do so as an individual or by association is grounds for immediate termination of your membership with Dominion Derby Girls.


Social networking/media is a tool that can help promote league events, bouts, fundraisers, solicitations, and increase awareness and membership.  Social media is a tool used on a personal level until a person references our business. Confidentiality is extended to what is posted about DDG in such public forums such as Facebook, Myspace, blogs, YouTube, etc.  As members of a private organization, we keep the details of our training, our “family matters”, and our business matters private as well. Slanderous comments toward another current or past member of this organization, implied personal insults or airing of personal business, and the publishing of any league details will not be tolerated.  Failure to do so could result in a grievance filed against the offending member at which time the grievance process will be followed and could result in as little as a warning to termination of your membership with the Dominion Derby Girls.